Sri Degula Mutt    

The twelfth century was a unique period in the annals of social, cultural and religious history of the world, which Karnataka (Kannada Nadu) had witnessed. This was the period of a great Social Revolution in which Shivasharanas of Kalyana had shown and set a new path of life to the people in all walks of life. At the end of this Revolution, the Shivasharanas had to leave Kalyana to spread across the country the message of Sree Basavanna - a pioneer of this great Revolution. The places where these Sharanas stayed have become the places of mystics. One such holy place is Kanikarnahally, the present Kanakapura.

Sri Degula Mutt of Kanakapura is on the banks of river Arakavathi at a distance of 55 kms to the South of Bangalore. Sri Degula Mutt is no doubt a cabinet of Shivasharanas having a long traditional history. It has the tradition (parampara) of Viraktha Allamaprabhu, the first Chieftain of Shoonya Simhasana (an intellectual congregation) started by Sree Basavanna, a great humanist and social reformer of the twelfth century. The Mutt has grown as a living example of the values of Sharana Dharma.

The journey of Sri Degula Mutt, which has a history of 600 years right from Adi Nirvanamahaswamiji till to-date, is quite an illustrious one. All along its path, the Mutt has served as a center of orphanage, a feeding mother to the hungry, temple of thought to the learning pupil and center of accomplishment to mumukshus.

In the Guru parampara of the Mutt, the period of late Immadi Nirvanamahaswamiji was a milestone. During the period of Sree Immadi Nirvanamahaswamiji, who became the Mathadhipathi of Sri Degula Mutt in 1939, the Mutt has further grown as Jnana Dasoha Mutt (a holy place of thought and feeding). In 1977, Sree Mummudi Nirvanamahaswamiji succeeded Sree Mahalingaswamiji, an inborn Shivayogi, in whom one finds the vision of all being well. He has taken this Mutt to further heights of glory.

Poojya Mummadi Nirvanaswamiji, as per the vow of his senior Swamiji is giving highest priority for eradicating ignorance among the rural masses. Under the patronage of Sri Degula Mutt, thousands have been educated and have found a decent way of living. They brought laurels from both inside and outside the country. This patronage of the Mutt is not restricted to children of Kanakapura but open to poor children of all communities, which includes Muslims & Christians from all parts of Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Sree Nirvanaswamiji Child Orphanage Centre started under the auspices of Sri Degula Mutt is testimony to the kind-heartedness of the Swamiji.

Considering the importance of employment to rural children, besides education, Sri Degula Mutt has also started an Industrial Training Institute. The agricultural land of Sri Degula Mutt has become the demonstration center of improved agriculture to the farmers of the surrounding areas. Regular seminars on mysticism are being held for the benefit of interested mystics. Daily feeding (Dasoha) is a nickname of Degula Mutt, a sacred service that has been welded with the name of the Mutt. The Old Students Association is paying its gratitude by way of publishing a monthly magazine "Degula Prabha" regularly.

Poojya Sree Mummadi Nirvanaswamiji is a true Jangama. Public service is his worship. He has taken a vow to propagate and practice the philosophy of Sree Basavanna. Though he is quite healthy, he has already crowned his successor but continues to work day and night for the welfare of the Mutt.

The present junior Mathadhipathi Sree Mummadi Mahalingaswamiji who was crowned during 1998, is well educated and most befitting to the tradition and nobility of Sri Degula Mutt and very much like the senior Mathadhipathi. An unassuming personality, he is moving ahead under the guidance and holy blessings of the senior swamiji, with a commitment to expand the services of the Mutt.

Sri Degula Mutt of Kanakapura has now become the Anubhava Mantapa of Adyatma Yoga (a school of thought on mysticism). The concept of 'Work is Worship' is truly translated into action. It has become THE MAHAMANE OF DASOHA (holy house of feeding) and a temple of imparting education.


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