Sri Degula Mutt    

The estimated expenditure for the above works out to Rs three crores (Rs. 30 million) This amount is not big when one looks at the number of devotees and well-wishers - especially the old students of Sri Degula Mutt. If they contribute munificently, the others will definitely follow them.

It is therefore our earnest request to contribute liberally as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the services that Sri Degula Mutt is rendering.

The donations given to the services of Sri Degula Mutt are exempt from tax as per the provision of 80(G) of Income Tax.

The donors are requested to provide details of their donations and may be sent either by cheque or draft drawn in favour of Sree Mummadi Nirvanaswamiji, President, Sri Degula Mutt, Kanakapura. Official receipts will be given for all donations.

Let us participate in the great service of humanity being rendered by Sri Degula Mutt and contribute munificently to this noble cause.

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